The Bridge Between
                North and South 

The project


In the summer of 2009 the EU-funded, first cross-border logistics project between Denmark and Germany was launched. Its four partners URS (Udviklingsråd Sønderjylland), WiREG (Wirtschaftsförderungs- und Regionalentwicklungsgesellschaft mbH Schleswig-Flensburg), EUC SYD (Erhvervudannelsecenter Syd), and the Flensburg University of Applied Sciences (FH) had the goal ‘to bundle the highly favourable constellation of the region’s logistics providers and the know-how this represents’.
It was possible to exploit the historical roots of logistics in the CB-LOG region and to use the unique advantage on offer from having a good mix of bilingually educated people, both in the South of Denmark and in the North of Schleswig-Holstein. This is also where the undisputed future potential lies, as this allows for a cultural, intellectual and economic exchange without barriers that cannot be offered by any other border region. CB-LOG’s public awareness profile raises hopes that the idea of a jointly acting logistics region in competition with others has a future beyond the end of the project.

The First Goals and Results of the Project
The following goals from the project agenda have been reached:

  • ANALYSES: Creating an actual-state analysis and a SWOT analysis
  • KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER EVENTS: : exchange of knowledge, experience and best practices at joint events and logistics meetings in the entire region
  • MARKET ANALYSIS: creating a marketing analysis as a basis for a regional communication strategy
  • MARKETING MEDIA: creating marketing material such as print media (brochures, leaflets…) and on-line media (website, job site…), which can be called upon via the CB-LOG platform
  • THINK-TANK: creating a joint THINK-TANK built of representatives of the industry, sciences and the public, who have steered the cluster management and the networking activities.


… and there are more success stories!

Outside of the project agenda there has been many developments and success stories which have resulted from the direct, new network connection between Danish and German companies and/or organizations. Here are a few examples:

  • Strengthening of the combined-traffic railway station in Padborg
  • Founding of a railway company and building of a combined road-rail terminal in Neumünster
  • Cross-border events as part of the “Logistics Day” of the Bundesvereinigung für Logostik (BVL) benefitting young people in the process of professional orientation
  • Moreover, the network partners’ workshops have led to the development of new ideas for projects such as:
  1. Founding of a cross-border commercial estate
  2. Development of the combined-traffic terminals in Taulov, Padborg, Kiel and Neumünster
  3. Establishment of a flexible vendor-managed-inventory (VMI) system
  4. Optimization of transport through more transparency and co-operation
  5. Creating a customs-free storage after the abolition of the Hamburg free port
  6. Joint university course in “Supply-Chain-Management” between FH Flensburg and SDU
  7. Cross-border training offers for operators of material-handling trucks, cargo-securing technicians, EU transport driver training, etc.