One of Europe’s Most
Attractive Logistics Locations


Invest in the CB-LOG Region

Successful companies such as Danfoss, Bestseller, Flensburger Brauerei, Mitsubishi HiTec Papers, Trixie, Orion, Dänisches Bettenlager and others are already active in our region. Being there, they utilise state-of-the-art logistics solutions by local providers. The CB-LOG region is the ideal starting point for economic contacts, esp. internationally. If you are looking for a new location today for the opening-up of new markets, here you will find what you need.


Competitive Advantage – Geographical Position and Border Vicinity
When looking at the map of Europe there can be no doubt: The CB-LOG region is the gateway to the attractive markets of Scandinavia and Central Europe. Almost 40 m tons of different types of goods move through the region – by road or by rail, by sea or by air. The CB-LOG region has the infrastructure to handle any form of transportation. Its own ports serve the whole of the Baltic region and the North Sea, whilst the proximity to the port of Hamburg secures the trans-Atlantic access.

Competitive Advantage – Experience as an Established Logistics Region 

Highly-specialized businesses provide a wide array of logistics offers ranging from the simple dispatching of parcels to complete fulfilment logistics to the world-wide supply-chain-management for international corporations.
The offers range from complex project cargo and wind power plant logistics to international general cargo and value-added-services to the cold chain for the pharmaceutical and food industries. 40,000 people are employed by the transport- and logistics sector – from warehouse specialists to qualified logistics technicians to logistics executives. Research schemes, projects and company joint ventures guarantee a high degree of knowledge transfer. Specialized vocational schools, high schools and universities provide qualified progeny. 

Market Leader in Europe

Freshfood – The CB-LOG region with its huge number of refrigerated- and freezer warehouses is one of the largest reloading sites for fruit and vegetables as well as meat and fish.



Wind Energy Plants – Transport and logistics companies have developed new concepts for the transportation and set-up of wind turbines – from the production factory to the set-up site – by land or by sea.

[Translate to English:] World Market Leader in Value-Added-Services – The region may be considered world market leader of value-added-services in the fields of technology, heavy cargo, trade and textiles. The corporate world trusts the service providers of the CB-LOG with its logistical needs as these have developed and cultivated - next to the classical transport forms – further logistical expertise such as specialized warehouse logistics, value-added-services like consignment sale, assembly of sets, price-labelling, marking, marketing campaigns, online shop maintenance, and much more.


  • Largest refrigerated warehouse area in Northern Europe – central reloading site for refrigerated goods. The largest share of cross-border cargo transport moves through here – 28.9 m tons. This represents 50% of Denmark’s total import- and export volume.

  • About 1.5 m lorries cross the border in Padborg annually. 75% of Danish exports and over 60% of the imports take the so-called “Jutland Route”.

  • Due to the vicinity of the border the people of the region are at home in both markets, they are multi-lingual, highly-skilled and flexible.

  • Favourable prices and a low cost of living paired with a high quality of living.

  • Industry settlements are welcome and supported generously with the responsible departments happy to offer advice and assistance.