2 Countries –
1 Common Logistics Region


A Central Hub
The Cross-Border-Logistics region is the German-Danish region – it is the largest refrigerated-warehouse area in Northern Europe, making it the central hub for refrigerated goods such as meat, vegetable and fish – it is the gate to Scandinavia’s and Central Europe’s attractive markets – it is home to several world market leaders in production and trade, resulting in an excellent logistics scenario – it is experience in logistical handling for more than 1,000 years. In short – it is simply the best of two worlds.

The CB-LOG region between Neumünster in the South and Vejle in the North is only a step away from Hamburg and it is not far from Copenhagen/Malmö either. A total of 2.24 m inhabitants live here in an area of 18,744 km². Due to its proximity to the Scandinavian markets, being right between Hamburg and Oslo, the area is very favourably located in terms of traffic links and its geo-economic potential. The A7 / E45 motorway stretches through the region along the so-called “Jutland Route”, which is almost a North-South lifeline. There are also efficient railroad networks along the same direction. Furthermore the region is ideally positioned between two seas, boasting a great number of ports both on the North Sea-side and the Baltic Sea-side. Almost 40 m tons of goods move through the region annually, mostly by road.



  • Geographically central position between Scandinavia and continental Europe

  • Flexible and highly qualified workforce at all levels

  • Use of state-of-the-art technology and IT

  • Businesses willing to enhance their logistics

  • Long-standing experience and expert knowledge in the area of logistics

  • Focus on refrigerated-goods logistics for the pharmaceutical- and food industry as well as on wind power logistics and in the area of value added services